China - Malaysia "Belt and Road" (Shaanxi) Trade Expo 2018
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The development of Shaanxi is standing at a new era. To strengthen innovation cooperation with countries, by implementing the concept of coordinating green, open and shared development. It will drive the “ONE BELT, ONE ROAD” strategy through policy communication, road connectivity, smooth trade, currency circulation, and people’s hearts. Let developing countries and regions along the “BELT” along the “ROAD” share the fruits of China’s development and bring new opportunities for Shaanxi’s development.

Belt & Road: Accessing Opportunities for Malaysian & Chinese Businesses in Asia will represent the largest convergence of Chinese business chambers and businesses in Asia. This will provide all participants with access to a wide range of business contacts in one convenient location.

The event will cater to the following key activities:

Promote constructive development through Shaanxi Province’s belt and road initiative
Strengthening economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange between Shaanxi Province and Malaysia
Expanding overseas visibility and influence of Shaanxi Province
Implementing the idea of President Xi Jinping’s “Speaking the Tale of China”